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The Councils of AM Law Firm

Welcome To AM LAW FIRM People

Dr. Mohamed Sahl


Bachelor degree year 2004 Ain Shams University, Master’s degree in Criminal Law year 2006 PHD in the International Public Law (Crimes of International Terrorism) year 2011.

Working experience from 2005 till present, Registration Appeal Attorney at Law: For thirteen years, Scientific research, the subject is the crimes against humanity committed during the Arab revolutions in the framework of International Criminal Law.

This research was published in the Arab affairs magazine issued by the General Secretariat of the Arab League, edition 154, summer 2013.

Has taught (The practical applications of the International Organizations) in Faculty of Law, Helwan University for four years.

Expert in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Arbitration, Family Law, Labor Law, Litigation, Contracts draft, Labor investigations, Expressing Legal Opinions, Council of State and Intellectual property.

Ms. Anna Lifang Dong


Professional Experience: Ms. Anna Lifang Dong is the Managing Partner at Dong & Partners Law Firm which is an independent and international Law Firm.

Ms. Anna Lifang Doing advises multinational clients on M&A, corporate, international trade, civil & commercial, intellectual property, immigration, arbitration, civil 14 litigation in connection with inbound/outbound cross border transactions in various sectors, mainly in Italy and Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan). She also assists multinational businesses investing abroad in Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Middle East, India and Russian Federation through her trusted local alliances and networks.

Fady Fawzy Fadlallah


He was graduated from Cairo university, Faculty of Law from 2001, he obtained PH.D in international relations at faculty of political studies Bucharest University 2010. He joined AM Law Firm team in 2017 as an International Legal Counselor.

Fady F.F joined Hewlett Packard Romania, Commercial Contracts Verification executive for EMEAA and MEMA Region from 2006- 2017.

Fady combines extensive legal and corporate experience giving his clients the advantage of an attorney capable of understanding more than just the legal implications of a transaction or a corporate dispute matter, related to corporate commercial disputes, labor law, European laws adding to more than 12 years of experience in corporate mobility services for technical employees in the region adding to individual immigration services as residency , nationality, visa renewals and deportation .

Multilingual:- English, French, Italian, Romanian, Moldovan and a Native Arabic speaker.

DR. Mohammad Abdelaal


DR. Mohammad is a PhD holder and attorney at law before the Court of Appeal and he is head of the IP department.

Mohammad has significant technical knowledge and advanced degrees in a broad array of biotechnology-related fields including: targeted gene regulation; tissue engineering; stem cells; express sequence tags; bioremediation; bio-refining; gene cloning; automated DNA sequencing; nucleic acid amplification methods; and plant, animal and microbial genetics.

Wael Awad Awad


Wael is a Councilor and expert in Maritime Law and all Maritime Disputes. He is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association. He has a long experience in all forms of High Courts and he is expert in all areas of Civil and Commercial Disputes.

Alexandra Calatayud


Alexandra is a French lawyer. She is graduated in private law from a prestigious university of Grenoble- Pierre Mendes France University. She has also studied at the IDAl, part of the Sorbonne University.

Alexandra is specialized in IP Law.

Alexandra also graduated from Cairo University.

multilingual:- English, literally Arabic and also has a good level in Spanish too