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Attorney's Fees

The fee for our services may be based on a published table of charges or the fee may be determined by agreement on the type and complexity of the case, and the volume of hours required.
In brief, the scope of services to be rendered by AM Law Firm shall comprise legal advisory services in general, including corporate advice, tax advice, drafting and attending negotiations/transactions with any third party, labor matters, handling matters with governmental authorities, etc... excluding litigation, which shall be agreed in advance on a case-by-case basis.
Please find hereinafter three alternative proposals for our billing, taking into consideration that we are open to reaching alternative arrangements in case the workload does not warrant excessive expenditure of time in this regard:

1- Hourly basis:
Our fees to be based on our effective hourly rates. The basis of our fee is normally the effective time spent by the professional doing the work, i.e., attorney, senior counsel, and support staff, the rate of which depends upon the experience and qualifications of each individual.

2- Retainer Agreement:
Our fees to be based on a fixed amount to be agreed upon and payable, in advance, on a quarterly basis, it is to be noted that costs incurred by us on your behalf together with disbursements such as telephone, fax, courier, copying charges, and pre-approved traveling expenses will be charged in addition to the legal fees.

3- Lump-sum fees:
Our fees which are based on an agreed amount will be estimated for each case. The 50% of our fees shall be paid in advance and the second half shall be paid upon the completion of the assignment.